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Done independently, the equivalency determination (ED) process differs from grantmaker to grantmaker and can result in incompatible or subjective findings. Costs also vary, often ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per ED if you’re using outside counsel. NGOsource reduces duplication of efforts across the philanthropic sector. Our centralized repository and in-house counsel increases affordability by centralizing the collection of ED information and by providing you with a reliable, standardized, and easy-to-use service. 

NGOsource offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk — Grantmakers no longer bear the burden of lengthy, risk-laden determinations.
  • Streamlined process — Our centralized information collection minimizes redundancy, increases efficiency, and standardizes the ED process.
  • No need for specialized staff — Our highly qualified team eliminates the need for internal ED expertise or external legal counsel.
  • Reduced NGO burden — With our standardized questionnaire, NGOs are no longer tasked with providing duplicative or incongruent data from one grantmaker to the next.
  • Lowered costs — Grantmakers experience long-term cost and time savings.
  • Full service determinations — We pursue the information that's needed, stay abreast of complex IRS and country-specific laws, communicate with the NGO, and make the determination of equivalency.
  • Improved grantee experience — The NGO can interact with us and our partners in its local language and during its business hours whenever possible.
  • Convenient availability — With our bench of experts, our ED services are available year-round, without interruption.
  • Anytime access — Request new EDs and track the status of your ED requests at any time and at your convenience using our online Grantmaker Portal.
  • Consistent turnaround time — Our dedicated team and partners provide superior NGO support, leading to more complete and timelier ED submissions.
  • Increased cross-border philanthropy — By providing an efficient ED process, management and staff are able to devote more time and energy to programs and to deepening grantee relationships.

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