Global Platform for Syrian Students: Providing Education and Resiliency in Times of Crisis

The ongoing conflict in Syria has created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises since World War II. In situations like these, higher education is typically deprioritized, leaving entire generations uneducated, developmentally disadvantaged, and not able to contribute to their society's recovery. If quality education is provided during times of conflict and disaster, however, it provides a sense of normalcy, resiliency, and hope for the future. This can ultimately save people from the vulnerabilities that manifest in a crisis situation.

LegalEASE: Notes from the Experts - The Difference Between Public Charities and Private Foundations

All nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (known as 501(c)(3) organizations) are charitable. However, not all 501(c)(3) organizations are subject to the same rules.

International Disability Alliance: Supporting the Rights of People with Disabilities Worldwide

Persons with disabilities and their representative organizations have historically found themselves with limited access to both advanced educational opportunities* and the capacity-building resources they need to influence policies and legislation. The International Disability Alliance (IDA), an alliance of eight global and six regional organizations of persons with disabilities, is working to change this.

Advocacy and Support

LegalEASE: Notes from the Experts - Nonprofit v. Charity

What's in a Name? Nonprofit vs. Charity

A common source of confusion in both the United States and other countries is the difference between a nonprofit organization and a charitable organization. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings under U.S. tax law. Generally, nonprofit status is a concept of state corporate law, and charity status — or what is charitable — is a concept of federal tax law.

What Is Nonprofit: It Depends on the State

Global Partner Spotlight: Fundacja TechSoup

Fundacja TechSoup Staff, Fall 2015

As part of the larger TechSoup Global Network, NGOsource's global partners provide high-quality, personalized customer service to NGOs across the world. These partners act as a huge resource for NGOs going through the equivalency determination (ED) process for the first time by providing support in the organization's time zone and preferred language.

W-8 Form Update

At NGOsource we value the questions we receive from our grantmaker members about IRS regulations and strive to keep you informed on current information. Recently, many grantmakers have asked us whether NGOsource’s certification of an NGO as equivalent to a U.S. public charity allows the NGO to identify as a 501c when they are filing out the W8 forms.  

New Excel Download Feature on Grantmaker Portal

We at NGOsource value member feedback and are tireless in our pursuit of ways that we can improve your grantmaking experience. You told us that it was difficult to track the status of your EDs on NGOsource’s Grantmaker Portal when you have requested dozens of EDs from us. You asked if we could create a way for grantmakers to download that information in a format that's easy to analyze and manage.

NGOsource Reflection

As our new Director of Operations, Kevin Ryan is responsible for all systems, processes and platforms related to NGOsource.  Kevin joined our team in June and came to us with a decade of experience working in and leading nonprofits in a variety of sectors. At the end of 2016, we asked Kevin to share his thoughts on NGOsource.

Connected Development: Building Community Development Programs in West Africa

In the past three years, NGOsource has received over 2,100 requests for equivalency determination (ED) for organizations in over 110 countries around the world. For over 1,300 NGOs, our EDs have facilitated grant funding that expands their capacity to achieve their missions and benefit their communities. One of these NGOs, Connected Development (CODE), recently shared their experience with us.
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